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Quote Otherkin are essentially people who consider themselves to be not entirely (or not at all) human, for some reason. So far there seem to be a few main viewpoints on why a particular person considers themselves something Other.
Web Site Errm, OK, in a dull, green sort of way. Inoffensive.
New-agers? Got it in one. These people might seem like wet, inoffensive hippies, but let me tell you, they are perfectly capable of ruining a good evenings drinking with their inane blatherings about how they were a Dragon in a previous life.
Dragon? Yeah, these guys all claim they were animals in a previous life. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but statistically they should mostly be ants and stuff, shouldn't they? "Hi, my names Squlch, and in a previous life I was a South Aftican lesser-spotted tree slug". Doesn't quite work...
Stoopid names Yeah, they all have stupid names, eg. Eshari Starling, Willow, Miracle, Skiewing, Thistle Kachunk, Spirati etc. Yuk.
Beliefs They have this list to tell if you are 'otherkin'. Now, most of these criteria are met if you are any three of:

  • drunk
  • mad
  • stoned
  • barking
  • a hippy
  • deranged
  • vegetarian
  • californian

Now, I reckon that makes nearly everyone I know some kind of exotic animal in a past life. I call Mammoth!

Comment Harmless, but best avoided.
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