Divine Power

Temple ov thee Lemur

Here at the Temple ov thee Lemur, we believe that the old saying that `money can't buy you happiness' is a bit of a lie, since it's quite obviously a lot easier to be cheerful if you're not wondering where next month's rent is coming from. We also believe that in addition to happiness, and perhaps love, money can also buy you power, as most politicians would agree.

The ultimate power is of course the power of life and death, and while there are some humans who wield this, it is properly the domain of the gods. However, we don't think that the gods should have this monopoly, so using the latest techniques in artificial life, we've created a race of little people for you to control, providing you have enough of the old eDrogna.

Once you've bought some of these little creatures and converted them to your faith, you're welcome to sacrifice them in your name, exhort them to build great temples in your honour or even pit them against the followers of your fellow deities. What fun!

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