Ham Licence

"You can't have ham"

Temple ov thee Lemur provides two kinds of Ham Licence. Without a licence you may be using ham illegally!

Licences only apply to territories controlled by Temple ov thee Lemur. Licences may be refused for any reason. All Licences require valid references. This probably does not licence you for ham radio or theatre.

Basic Certificate

BASIC TotL Ham Licence

"Bacon at Home"

  • Permits you to use and store small quantities of Ham and Bacon in your home.
  • Two references will be required.

Apply for BASIC Ham Licence

Full Certificate

FULL TotL Ham Licence

"AnyHam Anywhere!"

  • All the benefits of the basic licence.
  • Licence holder may transport any quantities of ham.
  • Licence holder may also use and store Luncheon meats and Gammon Steaks.
  • Five references will be required.

Apply for FULL Ham Licence

The TotL Ham Authorities official Catchphrase "You can't have ham" is a line from the classic 1964 movie Devil Doll

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