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Least favorite cartoon: 
Animal you would most like to see extinct: 
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Favourite volume: 
Grating size needed for refraction: 
first creature you genocide in "nethack": 
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Least favourite piece of music: 
Least favourite Star Wars character: 

Projects Published

  Divine Power
Battle as gods among men - now with instructions and, err, fewer database contention problems...
Created by Marvin, Nick and Chris

  Declaration ov thee Rights ov Human Beings
TotL sets out a series of Rights of all humans, that they will defend to the death.
Created by Chris, Steve, Marvin, DrNick, Al and Nick

  Project E.U.N.U.C.H.
Extreme Use of Nearly Universal Cooling Hardware.

Project E.U.N.U.C.H: To boldly freeze what no-one could be arsed to freeze before!
Created by Rich, Steve, Al and Marvin

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