Temple ov thee Lemur


Stat Value
Name:Dr. Marvin Fenderson
Job title:
Shoe size:10
Favourite lego brick:Red ones
Favorite cartoon:The Simpsons
Least favorite cartoon:The Flintstones
Animal you would most like to see extinct:
Favourite ascii character:M
Favourite option to ps:auwwx
Favourite editor:emacs
Favourite regular expression:"Bless You"
Favourite volume:3
Grating size needed for refraction:.501nm
first creature you genocide in "nethack":users
Most expensive book you own:Principia Mathmatica
Answer phone message:hello. We can't get to the phone at the moment but if you leave your name and number someone will get back to you.............. how do you turn this off? ........ah. BEEEEP
Least favourite piece of music:Flight of the Bumblebee
Least favourite Star Wars character:C3PO

Projects Published

Don't let anyone drive you crazy when you know it's within walking distance. Temple ov thee Lemur 19100