Temple ov thee Lemur


Stat Value
Name:Richard Stokes
Job title:Humour Consultant
A.K.A:Rich (DrPailfase if playing Quake)
Shoe size:10 (I think)
Favourite lego brick:Darth Rich
Favorite cartoon:SouthPark
Least favorite cartoon:The Flintstones
Animal you would most like to see extinct:Fish (all)
Favourite ascii character:%
Favourite option to ps:Huh?
Favourite editor:Bob Schreck (ONI Press)
Favourite regular expression:Go away
Favourite volume:Bone Volume 2: The Great Cow Race
Grating size needed for refraction:47 miles
first creature you genocide in "nethack":que?
Most expensive book you own:"Cages" (Dave McKean)
Answer phone message:The number you have dialed is used exclusivly for data traffic. If you wish to speak to Rich, use his mobile number. If you're too cheap to phone me on my mobile phone, what you have to say is obviously not worth bothering me with. Don't leave a message and don't wait for a beep. There is no beep. Or spoon.
Least favourite piece of music:Sweet like chocolate
Least favourite Star Wars character:Wickett W Warwick

Projects Published

Because we are not like you. Temple ov thee Lemur 19100