Temple ov thee Lemur


Stat Value
Name:Stephen Harris
Job title:VI Evangelist
A.K.A:Steve, Theno23
Shoe size:91/2
Favourite lego brick:2 x 4 x 1 unit high
Favorite cartoon:Futurama
Least favorite cartoon:Rugrats
Animal you would most like to see extinct:Snakes
Favourite ascii character:X
Favourite option to ps:auwwx
Favourite editor:vi
Favourite regular expression:s/^ *//
Favourite volume:-6dB
Grating size needed for refraction:
first creature you genocide in "nethack":
Most expensive book you own:K&R
Answer phone message:
Least favourite piece of music:Wonderwall by Oasis
Least favourite Star Wars character:Jar Jar Binks

Projects Published

No Darth Maul, you can't have clam. Temple ov thee Lemur 19100