A cute Lemur That's Mr Crowley to you, Arse hole! Mr Crowley


Since so many of you keep mailing us and asking when we're actually going to do an article about Aleister Crowley (or Big Al as we like to call him), here you go.

So, you reckon you know your occult drivel do you?  You know your Golden Dawn from your Golden Shower, and your Book Of The Law from your Book Of Matches?

The rules are pretty simple:  You get five quotes, and you have to guess which one of them Big Al actually said.  It can get pretty hard, since all the quotes are from people at least as brilliant and/or off their rocker as The Al'ster himself.  It' just like Star Quotes, but in reverse.  Except that it has nothing at all to do with StarWars.  Much.

Anyway, you get 7 goes and then we tell you how well you did.  You can play more than once, but the questions are randomly generated, so you'll have to play a lot to get better.

So:  Off you go.  Prove you know 'ol A. C. better than anyone.

And remember: It's Crowley, rhymes with Holy.
Not Crowly, rhymes with fouly.