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Temple ov thee Lemur Orders

Everyday life is difficult. We at the Temple ov thee Lemur understand this and want to help you.

Hence we will give you directions on how to live your life. You may be tested. Go away and follow the orders you are given. Come back and click DONE IT or answer the question. Do not try and guess as you only get one chance. Correct answers will receive a gold star.

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London Pride Beer:

Large. The greatest beer from the Griffin Brewery (in Chiswick). More Info.

Give a hippy a proper dog lead:

Go out and buy a cheap dog lead and carry it in a deep pocket. Next time you see some fuckwit with a dog on a piece of string, begging on the pavement you can give him the lead.

20 Jazz Funk Greats (Throbbing Gristle):

A classic album by the band Throbbing Gristle. Chris, Steve & Al covered 'Discipline' at a recent event.

Three Men in a Boat:

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. 3 friends go for a boat trip on the River Thames. They find themselves ill prepared for the nautical life and go to the pub instead. An inspiration to the founders of Temple ov thee Lemur, and to you too.

Dexter's Lab:

Dexter is a little boy with his own secret lab. Shown regularly on Cartoon Network.

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