Our definition of a tosser is someone who expends vast amounts of effort and bandwidth scripting our games to earn virtual cash which they spend in other games (so ruining those games for anyone who isn't cheating).

Get a life!

It's just a goddamn number. In a database. We can increase, decrease or zero it at a whim.

If we had a game where everytime you click on a button the number goes up by one, would you play it?

Simple facts to help you stop being a tosser

Someone writes a script that creates 1/4M hits per day.

Each hit takes 4k bytes.

That's 1 gig per day.

Multiplied by, say, 4 tossers gives 4GB per day of bandwidth.

Our ISP charges $10 per GB, which makes $40 per day, or $1200 per month.