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Cans short of a six pack
a full six pack
a full six pack
Insane? Sounds pretty normal to me.
Humour content I rate the humour content fairly highly, could have sqeezed a few more in-jokes in there, but not bad. I think that genuine wackos are far funnier myself, but each to theier own.
Political motivation Its for all the best possible reasons, I'm sure. Not because they want to watch "illegally shared" Star Trek episodes.
RMS Dig Worth it just for the line: ...those humans were ungrateful. They called their place of existence the "Universe", not the "Great Programmer/Universe"
Return to form This is something of a return to form for TotL, we started out will pseudo religious UNIX filks and so we return.
Suggested By Jon
Comment Reasonable idea, make up a wacky religion that exposues some, behaviour that irritates The Man in some way, then doggedly clain that its your religion and you have to do it or God will strike you down, etc. etc. However, it didn't work too well for the Rastafarians, so I think these guys will have a hard time too.
Cult ov thee Year Yeah, yeah. To quote Robert Rankin: You can piss off... and that goes for your mates on the "internet" too.
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3 flying saucers
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