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What is kipple?

This is easiest to answer question (that's why I'm doing it first). Kipple is stuff. Stuff like ring pulls and run out biros and those strange little lids they've started putting on chocolate milk bottles.

Where is kipple?

Kipple is, more or less, everywhere. But kipple is most frequently found at the bottom of large piles of kipple.

Why is kipple?

AFTER THE ADVENT OF THE CURSE OF GREYFACE, fnord people tried harder than ever to keep the space about them ordered and unchaotic. This was un-natural and the few followers of Eris went to their leader and said unto him: Lord Boing, all around us is order. Chaos is slipping away from us, what must we do?

Lord Boing replied: will you lot just PISS OFF, and leave me alone. I don't know who you are and MY NAME IS NOT BOING!

Even with this sage advice the followers were still vexed and did worry muchly. And although they fought sanity and stability wherever they saw it, heard it and, on one memorable occasion, smoked it, they were now far outnumbered. In desperation they sought their leader.

The battle goes poorly, my Lord Boing. What must we do? quoth they and he, in his wisdom, did say My name's not frigging Boing, fnord DOG KILL! and the followers did leave.

But the next morning upon awakening, Lord Boing left his bed and place his feet on the floor. When he did so he cut his foot on a small shiney screw that had appeared on his floor during the night.

This was the first appearance of kipple in the world - the goddess sent her sacred screw to Lord Boing. Hail Eris. All Hail Discordia.

When is Kipple?

MORE OFTEN THAN NOT. Kipple is a direct result of mankinds attempts to impose order and so has risen in recent years at a joyous rate!

Appearance of Kipple.

0 AD 500 AD 1000 AD 1500 AD 1800 AD 1900 AD 1990 AD

How is kipple?

We're not one hundred percent sure. We asked Eris but she just smiled and gave us a Frank Zappa LP.