Kipple Culture Rules

  1. Members must further the cause of kipple whenever they want to.

  2. Members must refrain from walking on the grass.

  3. Members must be good, clean living, discordians.

  4. Do not harm digital kipple, sometimes known as "lint". Tidying up of computer code is UTTERLY PROHIBITED.

  5. Eat well.

  6. Whenever you can GET MORE STUFF.

  7. Hide toothbrushes in unexpected places in nightclubs.

  8. Members must never be seen making sculptures of Stone Henge with hotdog buns, by the general public.

  9. Members of the Culture are required to go to the aid of any Trolleys in Distress.

  10. Prevent biros from congregating in groups of more than 5.

  11. Own at least 6 Cats. Dogs may be owned instead but you must have 3 dogs for every Cat that you don't own. Rats are worth 2 Dogs and Sheep are worth a Cat AND a Rat.

  12. Avoid using the word T.A.B.L.E. at all costs.

  13. Donate money to those richer than yourself. They dedicate more of their lives getting to getting money than you do, so they must get more enjoyment out of having it. Drinking Coke (TM) and buying Microsoft (also TM) software, both count.

  14. When shopping, members should attempt to cover the barcodes of their shopping with barcodes for radically different items of slightly greater value.

  15. Don't Whistle while your Pissing.

  16. If at all possible, members must make a pilgrimage to building twenty-three and purchase some kipple there. Please feel free to send us epic accounts of such journeys.

  17. Members must break every single one of the Cultures Rules.