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Cans short of a six pack
3 cans short
3 cans short
Quote Please select the degree of seriousness of the sin, from E [minor] to A [extremly serious]
Web Site Tasteless, in a sort of tacky, over-designed kind of way. Obviously built from some stock eCommerce code. I mean, "proceed to confessional"??? At least they removed the little shopping trolley icons.
What? I think it's supposed to be an online confessional for Catholics. Is it valid? Probably not. Is it legal? Who knows. Are they serious? I fucking hope not.
Comment Just plain wrong. Bizarrely logical, but somehow pointless. They certainly win points for effort, and presumably they mean well (there's no world domination/financial gain involved). Loses marks for lack of psychosis, gains them for sheer idiocy.
Suggested By Norman Hartnell
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4 flying saucers
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