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Quote [This] Bahamas-based Company plans to build a laboratory in a country where human cloning is not illegal and will offer its services to wealthy parents worldwide.
Another quote Cloning will enable mankind to reach eternal life. The next step, like the Elohim with their 25,000 years of scientific advance, will be to directly clone an adult person without having to go through the growth process and to transfer memory and personality in this person. Then, we wake up after death in a brand new body just like after a good night sleep!
Web Site Strangely fact, it's rather like the website of the Raelians.
Raelians? You know, the "Christ was an alien, we're building them an embassy, have your bought our book yet?" bunch that we covered a few months ago.
So what's the connection Clonaid is a Raelian spinoff. They believe that Jesus' resurrection was actually an example of Elohim (a bunch of stereotypical slanty-eyed grey aliens) cloning technology, so this fits in quite nicely with their worldview. Or something like that.
They're doing this out of the goodness of their hearts? That and the fullness of their clients' pockets. Projected prices for cloning start as low as $200,000, with the Insuraclone cellular safe storage service costing as little as $20,000 (they also run a cheaper service for animals under the Clonapet name).
Any takers? They've already found a couple willing to pay up to $2,000,000 for a clone of their dead ten month old baby.
Isn't that a little unethical? Just a little, but that doesn't seem to bother their technical director, who says "The technology allows it, the parents desire it, and I don't see any ethical problems".
What about the technical problems? They say they have them covered. They're planning to sponsor US laboratories who have had their funding cut, and they have chosen a group of fifty women who are willing to be surrogate mothers.
Fifty? Are they planning to use them all? Yes, all fifty of the surrogate mothers will be implanted with cloned embryos.
So what happens to the other forty nine? They're only going to deliver the healthiest embryo. Your guess is as good as ours as to what will happen to the rest.
Comment We only gave the Raelians themselves four saucers, but this new venture takes them into a higher league of lunacy and sheer bad taste.
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