Ice Cream Team

  • Pick an area to work in. It's gonna get messy so don't use a valuable 1000 year old rug that your great aunt got given in 1905 by the then ruler of Iran and your parents really like quite a lot. We use the bathtub (given to my great uncle in 1840 by the then Ruler of Egypt which my sister really likes).
  • Put the bucket (or bucket-like thing) in the bathtub (not on the valuable rug).

First let the ice cream go a bit squishy and then cut it into pieces.

Variation: Don't let it go squishy. Chris thinks that it's best to make the mix with the coldest ice cream possible and then you get cool frosty stuff, but he told you not to use sugar so it's probably not smart to trust him.

Actually, if you're so smart, why are you following a recipe you got off the web, let alone this site?

Put the ice cream into the bowl.

This bit is really easy, so if you suck at cooking, or are really lazy, be the one to do this bit because then you can say you helped.

Add about a third of your milk.

This bit is easy too, but can be messy.

Start kinda mashing up the ice cream into the milk.

Now see if the sauce people have finished yet.

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