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The Sensible Introduction

Kipple Culture is about looking at the world in new ways, and realizing that the world that you see is not the whole world, but just a narrow slice. You will probably find this website either confusing or childish, but remember that only boring people are bored. So long as these pages make you laugh or make you think they will have served their purpose.

Are you having fun yet? yes/no.

If you have any questions please mail me at cjg194@soton.ac.uk, leave comments in the Pestbook.

Please leave your comments, ideas, insults, gratuitous links to your own pages etc. in our Pest Book.

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Kipple Facts

Kipple is a bit of a bugger to explain. Fendersons law states that: Imposition of order = Escalation of Chaos and one obvious example of this, in modern times, is kipple. More and more things in our society have a specific place in which they belong, and by extension, more and more things tend to be out of that place. For example, shopping trolleys not in supermarkets or the lids of chocolate milks anyware except on the bottle, ringpulls after they've been pulled or pretty much anything you find down the back of the sofa.

Rubber Stamps may be a form of kipple, if you have enough useless ones, however I no longer seem to be welcome on rec.crafts.rubberstamps ... They're really weird - just read this.


Kipple Culture is closely related to the "Discordian Society";

The Discordian Society

The Discordian Society has no definition, but most of it's members are saints. How can this be? we hear you cry. The answer is simple, although an individual may only be made a saint by a pope:

Because one of the main reasons the discordian society has grown so much in recent years is that people don't exactly get a say in becoming members. To be quite honest people get made members pretty much at random. Some people manage to live their entire lives without discovering that they are members. With this kind of attitude to new recruits, even most of THEM belong to the Discordian Society. fnord.

The Principia Discordia has been described as the "Discordian Bible", which is, I think, unfair. The bible is significantly cheaper (well the Gideon edition is), the humour in the Principia is far less subtle and the the Principia makes lousy toilet paper. Hey folks, it's essential to learn to see the punchlines - otherwise you might start to believe that life isn't one big joke.

Of course, we are not the only Discordians on the Web.

are a tribe
of philosophers, theologians,
magicians, scientists,
artists, clowns,
and similar maniacs
who are intrigued
and with

Kipple Data

The visitors to this site have slowly been compiling a list of peoples favourite forms of kipple, have a look and and your own, should the fancy take you. If you want STRAIGHT ANSWERS about kipple, you could read C.Elsewares answers to 5 questions about kipple, not that it will help in the least. As far as we can tell, the word kipple was first coined by Phillip K. Dick in the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? this book was made into the movie Blade Runner but all references to Kipple were removed. WHY ARE THEY SUPRESSING INFORMATION ON KIPPLE?

Zen Rainbow

The Kipple Culture

Cultural membership is split into 2 parts, local members who actually live around here, and auxilary members, now too great in number to list, you know who you are.

ALL members are subject to the cultures code of practice. Cultural activities include the collection and study of kipple, art crime - which would be foolish to explain on a webpage, Discordian Magick and Better Living Through Chemistry.

If you're finding it too easy to get jobs, join the culture. Putting the kipple culture under the clubs and societies you belong to and "Discordian" as your religion always makes job hunting much more of a challenge and will save you from the the threat of gainful employment. Remember, "Eris finds work for idle hands." (to quote the origional phrase, used before THEY corrupted it for their own greyfaced ends). To help convince you to join we have listed the five greatest benefits of joining our culture.

The Culture has recently ordained Hugo Rune (perfect master) as a discordian saint for his works in kipple research, we have also recognised Björk as a Discordian Avatar. It is a formal cultural policy to show unreasonable bias towards any woman who is both attractive and wierd.

We have been provisionally discussing the idea of having a discordian party. It's clearly a stupid idea, which is not to say that we won't do it. If it does go ahead, everyone will have to have learned the songs from the Discordian Hymnal.

Behold; The Culture has plans...

We have the technology, we just forgot to use it.


Twenty-Three? They're everwhere, didn't you notice? It's probably another manifestation of the Law of Fives. Check our list of occurances of the number 23, and you'll see what I mean. If you have any 23's to report please fill in this form to add your own sightings to the list. We have now our very own shrine which, under Southampton University Building Numbering System, is of course Building 23. Even THEY are getting in on it, the warehouse where they keep all the stuff you're not supposed to know about is known only as Warehouse Twenty-Three. You need more Stuff

Not everyone loves us, read what other people have been saying about C.Elseware.

protect small screws

This page was brought to you by the numbers 5 and 23 and the letter K.

These pages are usually under destruction by C.Elseware [FEEDBACK], All Rights are, of course, Reversed and please don't feel like you HAVE to link to this page. And finally, never, ever, listen to advice that you find at the bottom of a web page.

since May 9, 1996.